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Schematic Design

Schematic design for an Animal Shelter located in Spain. Focusing on the Spanish Galgo, a hunting breed of dog found commonly in the area and often abandoned after the season. 

Design focuses on the user experience. The entry was dedicated to educating the visitor through a museum setting. The two separate building were unified by a large courtyard where adoptee and pet can bond. Materials for the space were inspired by the beautiful landscape of Spain.

Animal Shelter Design


The concept was brought about from my discovery of the suffering of the Spanish galgo (Spain greyhound hunting dog). This lead to an intense study on culture, environment, and behavior analysis of Spain.

In order to impact the culture on the values of these animal, they needed to be educated on the species and how humans have been treating them. This lead to the first area of the shelter which includes a small museum. Along with studies of the location on which the site was to be constructed, natural elements where brought into the space  of the design respect the aesthetic nature of the site location. Recognizing how families and individuals looking to adopt would interact with the animal, is what created the different environments throughout the adoption wing of the shelter which include living room environment as well has outdoor spaces for socializing and interacting.

Workplace Design


Workplace design focused on design a space for an architecture firm. My concept was optical illusions and different materials and effects were create in the space. The material and color selection was chosen to excite the user and promote creativity. Space planning was design in a way that allowed for teams to come together and meet causally, promoting an open and dynamic environment.

Healthcare Design


Healthcare design focused on a physical rehabilitation hospital. The inspiration for the design was "movement". It was chosen base on the fact that movement was the defining goal for the patients at this hospital. Layout and materials were selected to engage the patient as well as inspire the staff.

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